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1. In-home

Call for your complimentary in-home consult today and find out why our clients continually say Dog E Walkr’s offers “more than just a dog walk” ! (approximately 20-30 minutes)

2. Introductions

Staff members are always introduced to the dog by Kristin Kunhardt (or Sabrina, my manager, if she has done your initial consultation) during an actual walk/visit so the dogs habits, patterns, needs and/or restrictions can be discussed as well as witnessed.
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3. Pack Member

Payment schedules are designed to meet the clients’ needs. Walk “booklets” of 10, 20, 40 or 60 visits can be purchased and paid by either check, PayPal or credit card.
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Ed Franco, owner of Dog E. Walkr
I purposefully manage Dog E Walkr’s growth in order to maintain quality control and retain the personal touch the company had at its inception. After over ten years of being in business, I added two wonderful full time employees. Now, Dog E Walkr is expanding again with the promise to keep the relationships with clients personal and the attention to each dog’s needs top priority.
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